50 Best Entrepreneurs To Follow On Social Media

#11 Marie Forleo

Quoted by Oprah as the “Thought leader for the next generation”, Marie Forleo has made quite the name for herself online as the star of MarieTV.

Marie truly believes that everything is “figureoutable”, in fact she’s just written a book about it.

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#12 Oprah

Speaking of Oprah, here she is!

One of the most recognisable women around, she’s empowered ladies (and men) from all over globe.

The Oprah Winfrey Show still ranks as the highest-rated daytime talk show in American television history.

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#13 Grant Cardone

When it comes to no-nonsense businessmen, Grant Cardone is one of the best around. He has released a staggering 21 best selling books & business programs!

Grant also strongly believes that getting a mortgage for a house is the worst investment you could ever make.

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#14 Jordan Belfort

The Wolf of Wall Street could be considered a dicey entry on this list given his history, however there’s no denying Jordan’s talent when it comes to sales.

“I’ve got the guts to die. What I want to know is, have you got the guts to live?”

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#15 Nesha Woolery

UK born Nesha Woolery teaches service-based entrepreneurs how to best organise & simplify their businesses.

Nesha is currently bossing it on Pinterest with 3.6 million monthly unique viewers, giving confidence to the rest of us introverts!

#16 Ed Mylett

Ranked Top 50 Wealthiest Under 50, it’s reported that Ed Mylett is worth over $400 million, but that doesn’t stop him from helping others.

Ed is one of the best entrepreneurs to follow on social media, due to his fantastic interviews with like-minded individuals such as… David Goggins, Grant Cardone and Stephanie McMahon, to name a few!

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#17 Oleg Vishnepolsky

Switching it up slightly by sharing a Linkedin post, if ‘everything has a silver lining’ had a face… it would be Oleg’s.

Oleg Vishnepolsky is a bundle of wisdom and positivity, continuously helping others to grow on the Linkedin community, be sure to check him out.

#18 Brigette Hyacinth

Much like Oleg, Brigette Hyacinth is also bossing it over on Linkedin.

Brigette often shares her insightful perspective on management, recruitment and leadership. Her ultimate goal is to put the ‘Human’ factor back into Human Resources.

#19 Sunny Lenarduzzi

Named by Forbes in the 20 Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business list, Sunny Lenarduzzi’s here to help you grow your brand.

The award-winning, social media and brand strategist is just as bright as her name suggests.

#20 Mark Cuban

You may know him from the hit TV show; Shark Tank, or as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, either way… Mark Cuban is kind of a big deal.

“If you’re starting a business and you take out a loan, you’re a moron.”

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