50 Best Entrepreneurs To Follow On Social Media

#31 Lewis Howes

After suffering a career-ending injury, Lewis Howes had to give up Professional Football (the American one…) and would instead try his luck at entrepreneurship.

Since then Lewis has built up a multi-million dollar online media company & become a New York Times bestselling author.

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#32 Jenna Kutcher

Host of the Forbes top-rated ‘Goal Digger’ Podcast, Jenna Kutcher sets to empower women from all over the world.

Regularly embracing her curves, Jenna encourages other women to embrace their bodies too & collectively redefine the media’s perception of beauty.

Bravo Jenna.

#33 Daymond John

If you thought I was going to mention Shark Tank in this post and not give Daymond John a shoutout… you were sadly mistaken.

Not only does the fashion tycoon gift entrepreneurs with words of wisdom, he does so – in style.

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#34 Tony Robbins

Although his reputation may have taken a hit recently, there’s no denying that Tony Robbins has transformed the lives of millions around the world.

Known for his huge live events, Tony is the master life coach & business strategist.

Tony has helped some of the best entrepreneurs in the business, as well as a star-studded list of clients including Leonardo DiCaprio & Princess Diana.

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#35 Lisa Nichols

With less than $12 in her bank account, Lisa was a single mum who had to find a way to feed her baby son.

Using the only thing she had, Lisa’s voice has gone on to motivate, teach & inspire millions.

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#36 Tim Ferriss

Host of the self-titled Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast), and author of 5 New York Times best sellers, Tim Ferriss earned his success as an early-stage technology investor.

Tim has continued to invest wisely, putting his faith in companies like Uber, Facebook, Shopify, Duolingo & Alibaba, to name a few.

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#37 Latasha James

Somebody definitely worth following is the founder of James + Park Creative, Latasha James.

Latasha is one of the best content creators around, specialising in posts about digital marketing as well as lending her advice, and experience in growing your own business & life as an entrepreneur.

I would recommend Latasha to anyone looking to grow their own business.

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#38 Rachel Hollis

With over 1 million followers, Rachel Hollis has certainly made her mark after successfully setting up her own digital marketing agency.

It doesn’t stop there though, Rachel is also a top author, motivational speaker & host of the RISE Together Podcast.

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#39 Hilary Rushford

As a style expert who looks to explore what makes women feel beautiful, Hilary Rushford Collyer cements her place on this list with her empowering messages.

Hilary also hosts the ‘You’re Welcome’ Podcast!

#40 Brian D. Evans

No stranger to grand accolades, Inc Magazine has listed Brian as one of the most influential millennial entrepreneurs.

Brian D. Evans is the founder of one of the Top 25 fastest growing advertising and marketing agencies in America.

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