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How To Remove Ghost Followers On Instagram (And Increase Your Engagement Rate)

In this article, I’m going to teach you how to remove those inactive “ghost” followers that are just killing your engagement rate, and get your content ranking at the top of people’s feeds (again). What Are Ghost Followers? Although there’s no official definition of what a “ghost follower” is, I would define it as being a follower who hasn’t engaged with any of your content for at least a month or so. Such engagement would include everything

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Do NOT Use Instagram Engagement Groups & Pods (Here’s Why)

Did you know that I used to run my own engagement pods back in the day? If you’re not sure what these are… An engagement pod is a group filled with Instagram users that will collectively share and engage with each other’s posts. The purpose of this is to con Instagram’s algorithm into thinking that your content is really good and that it should push your posts to the top of people’s feeds – or even the

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The Biggest Mistake I See On Instagram (And Social Media)

The biggest mistake I see on Instagram is when content creators either follow or engage with someone, purely with the mindset that it’s going to benefit themselves in the long run, rather than interacting with those people because they genuinely want to. Whether that be because you actually like their content OR you actually resonate with them as a person. It’s the same reason why some creators will spread themselves so thin, over a dozen different social

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How To Give More Value On Social Media (And Gain Raving Fans)

If you’ve been in business long enough then you’ve probably heard the term value being thrown around like plates at a Greek wedding. But what does value mean? And how can you actually give value to your followers? Well, a quick Google search will tell you that the word value refers to… “The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.” But what does that mean when it comes to your

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The Best Comments To Leave On Instagram To Get More Followers

Have you been wasting hours engaging on Instagram and still struggling to get more followers? Well luckily for you, I’m going to teach you how to write the best comments to get you more followers on Instagram, as well the mindset you need to have when leaving such comments. The best comments to leave on Instagram are the ones that are personal, genuine, selfless and full of value. That value can be provided in the form of

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How To Sell Your Products & Services On Instagram

Struggling to sell your products and services on Instagram and wondering whether the social media platform is even worth it? Not to worry, as Instagram is still an effective tool to sell your goods, but only if you know how. In this post, I will be explaining the various drawbacks when trying to sell on Instagram, as well as the best way to do so. The trick to selling on Instagram isn’t necessarily with the link in

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Action Blocked On Instagram? Here’s What To Do

Are you being left frustrated by a persistent warning message from Instagram telling you that your action has been blocked? Well, not to worry as I’ll be showing you the reason why you’re getting the message, how to resolve this issue and also how to avoid getting it again in the future. The reason for receiving an ‘Action Blocked’ message on Instagram is usually because you are abusing the platform’s features and likely becoming a hindrance to

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Are The First 30 Minutes After Posting On Instagram Important?

If you’ve been using Instagram for some time, then you may have heard that the first 30 minutes after posting is crucial to whether or not that post is going to go viral or not. I’ve been growing Instagram accounts now for over 5 years now, and I’m going to share my perspective as to whether those initial 30 minutes have any influence on your post virality. Despite Instagram denying these claims, I do believe that posts

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Uploading To Instagram Without Losing Image Quality

Something I noticed when posting to Instagram from my desktop was that the image quality was significantly worse than the version I had uploaded, with the blurred image inevitably getting less than favourable engagement. After some thorough research though, I’ve managed to compile some reasons as to why Instagram might be reducing the image quality on your posts. There are a few reasons why the image quality is reduced when uploading directly from your PC, one of

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How To Post On Instagram From Your Computer

If you’re like me then you’ll have been left frustrated by the fact that Instagram’s website doesn’t allow you to post any content, message anyone or do much else on the platform, which definitely sucks. For those that are looking to give their thumbs a well-deserved rest, this article is going to explain a couple of ways that you can post on Instagram on your personal computer. It’s worth noting that this article does include affiliate links

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